INTERNI and FuoriSalone during the Milan Design Week in Milan
The activity of INTERNI also includes the creation and coordination of events and exhibitions, organized to encourage encounters between designers, producers and distributors and their specific roles.

The theme of experimentation and practice of temporary installations is the leitmotiv, in an effort to open design culture to a wider audience, of the events the magazine INTERNI has organized from the late 1980s to the present, under the guidance of Gilda Bojardi, during the ‘FuoriSalone’ in Milan.

“Design is democratic”, Giorgio Armani remarked some time ago, comparing fashion shows (open only to a selected audience of sector professionals) with the popularity of Milan’s Design Week every spring, occupying all the galleries of the city, all the exhibition spaces, every place where it is possible to organize a show, a debate, a presentation.

Once again, INTERNI confirms its role as chief information system for the world of design. It changes from a trade publication into mass media, thus becoming a real “landing craft” for all those who want to know and find their way within an event, which is unequalled worldwide: il FuoriSalone. A real socio-cultural phenomenon that, this year, too, has recorded over 350 events and shows scattered all over the city. An appointment that gives Milan a unique and extraordinary visibility and that proves the absolute leadership of INTERNI in the communication of the design system.

The confirmation comes for the data that the INTERNI system can boast of on this occasion:
total circulation of over 1.000.000; over 4.000.000 readers; total pages: 1200.
1200 printed pages of information on design, available also online, website