Milano Capitale del Design® 2007 (17 - 23 aprile 2007)
INTERNI DECODEELEMENTS 2007  (17 Aprile – 1 Maggio 2007)
Castello Sforzesco - Cortile della Rocchetta e Corte Ducale
DECODE ELEMENTS, 11 installations  at Castello Sforzesco, in the Cortile della Rocchetta and Corte Ducale, presented by INTERNI from 17th April to 1st May.
For its centenary (1907) and on the occasion of FuoriSalone® 2007, the publishing group Mondadori, together with INTERNI, is also the promoter of the great Event DECODE ELEMENTS  based on  Industrial Design  and the theme of Reading, taking place during the Milan Design Week (April 17-23).

In the course of its history, the publishing group Mondadori, a major player of  information and culture worldwide, has been steadily increasing, helping to the change in habits and customs and the evolution of knowledge, through the various publishing and communication channels.

INTERNI presents to the international Design community  gathering in Milan during the  FuoriSalone®, the event DECODE ELEMENTS, to show the creative process of some Italian and international designers through actions marked by an extremely experimental and multimedia approach, that can convey the culture and expression of Design to the “extended city” , the ferment of ideas and creativity, which is the increasingly marked feature of the project world.
Designers and planners are asked to discuss the theme of READING, through the BASIC ELEMENTS: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Wood, Metal, Light.
Inside Castello Sforzesco there are also nine reading islands, real “city lounges”, where one can have a break and relax between events.

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