Interni Design Energies 2009

An exhibition inspired by design energies and all creative resources
Milano Capitale del Design® 2009 (21-27 aprile 2009)
INTERNI DESIGN ENERGIES  (21-30 aprile 2009) 
Cortili dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Ca’ Granda - ex Ospedale Maggiore

On the occasion of FuoriSalone®2009, INTERNI promotes, during the Milan Design Week (21 - 27 April 2009), the big Event INTERNI DESIGN ENERGIES, dedicated to the concept of ENERGY interpreted from the ‘humanistic’ viewpoint, as the expression of the best intellectual production presented, in this case, in the form of design and invention, and from the more ordinary viewpoint of the use of alternative energy sources and the optimization of the use of conventional sources, further developing the experience started last April with the GreenEnergyDesign exhibition.
Sustainability, bioconstructions, environmentally-friendly architecture, eco-design. There are many ways to describe what appears, at this point, to be an obligatory path for construction and the production of useful objects: the design of responsibility. This is a response to a demand on the part of civil society: to live in healthier buildings, in less polluted cities, developing an environmental policy of reutilization and conversion, also of objects and structures, in a general process of territorial protection. Needs that are added to the more pragmatic, alarming concerns connected with the depletion of traditional energy sources and the rising cost of energy.
INTERNI DESIGN ENERGIES exhibits the creative process of Italian and international designers and architects, encouraged to interact on the issue of the use of energy, with particular attention to the issues linked with the house, the city and the landscape. The result: a great experimental and spectacular composition developed with the support of companies working in the research, design and architecture sectors which have achieved top levels in their areas of operation.
For INTERNI DESIGN ENERGIES, however, energies also become a synonym for ‘inventions’, underlining the value of ‘design energies’ as creative resources to be utilized to build our future.
The ENERGIES ISLANDS true ‘urban living rooms’ specifically conceived for this event located in the Loggia on the first floor of the Main Courtyard represent a place to meet and relax, as well as a design project that integrates with the project of temporary architecture of the Cortile d’Onore.