INTERNI GreenEnergyDesign 2008

Milano Capitale del Design® 2008 (15 - 21 aprile 2008)
Cortili dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Ca’ Granda - ex Ospedale Maggiore

For the FuoriSalone® 2008, INTERNI  organizes, during Milan Design Week
(15-21 April 2008) , the major Event GREEN ENERGY DESIGN , on energy
and eco-sustainable, eco-compatible design
INTERNI offers the international Design community that meets in Milan during the
FuoriSalone®  the event GREEN ENERGY DESIGN , to focus on the creative
processes of a series of Italian and international design talents , through
projects characterized by a highly experimental, multimedia approach , capable
of transmitting design culture and expression to the city as a whole, conveying a sense
of the ferment of ideas and creativity found in the worlds of design and architecture, in
the area of increasingly timely themes like the relationship between the environment and
new design expressions.
Sustainability, bio-construction, ecological architecture.  There are many
ways to describe what, at this point, is an obligatory path to follow in the world of
construction and production of useful objects: the design of responsibility . The
idea is to respond to a demand advanced by society: to live in more healthful buildings
and less polluted cities, to develop an environmental policy of reuse and
of both objects and places, in a general process of protection of the
. Needs that join the more pragmatic and alarming factors of the depletion
of traditional energy supplies
  and the increasingly high costs of energy .
In Europe half of overall energy consumption is absorbed by urban systems. If we
consider the fact that the type of energy required by cities is obtained from high
quantities of non-renewable , increasingly expensive fossil fuels based on
sources that are approaching a state of total depletion, it becomes clear that the
coming generations will have to come to grips with a substantially different way of life,
where architecture and design will have very important roles to play in the
management  and saving of environmental resources .
In the context of these considerations, and in a temporary form, INTERNI exhibits the
creative processes of Italian and international designers and architects invited to work
on the theme of the environment , with particular focus on energy savings  and
sustainability : INSTALLATIONS  based on the values of eco-sustainable
aesthetics and eco-emotional design
, which as a whole will form a large
experimental, modular composition
, with the support of companies active
in the field of design and architecture
  that have achieved high levels of
excellence in their respective production sectors.

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