Interni Hybrid Architecture&Design 2013

A series of installations of architecture and design that promote an encounter/engagement between different cultures and new technologies

Milano Capitale del Design® 2013 (8 - 14 April 2013)
Cortili dell’Università degli Studi di Milano -
Ca’ Granda - ex Ospedale Maggiore,
Orto Botanico di Brera

During the FuoriSalone 2013, INTERNI has organized, for Milan Design Week (8-14 April 2013), a major exhibition-event, entitled HYBRID ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN.
The exhibition is on the theme of métissage in architecture and design: the concept of the hybrid is interpreted here as an encounter of cultures and technologies capable of generating solutions for the unknowns and problems of the contemporary world. 
As the French sociologist Michel Wieviorka has observed, “at times the encounter between different cultures triggers processes of mutual influence and changes that create original cultural forms. Thismétissage, this cultural exchange, authorizes the production of difference in the outlook of encounter and relations between single individuals, who live in the ambivalence of belonging to multiple identities”. So métissage, shifted into the field of architecture and design, appears to be a credible alternative to the concept of the Melting Pot (the acritical aggregation of cultures and traditions) and to the linguistic and cultural uniformity produced by globalization.
With the event Hybrid Architecture & Design, Interni activates a stimulating dialogue between designers and companies, taking the form of site-specific works seen as new forms of intercultural communication, in a perspective that goes beyond ethnocentrism, while bringing out the contributions and expressions that arrive from the cultures of different countries.
Internationally acclaimed architects and designers whose work stands out for research and innovationexpress their visions in an evocative, spectacular way, through experimental microarchitectural pavilionsor macro-objects, with the support of leading companies in the field of materials, technology and environmental sustainability.