The possible legacies of contemporary design in a spectacular composition of experimental architectural installations
Milano Capitale del Design® 2012 (16-22 April 2012)
INTERNI LEGACY (16-28 April 2012)
Cortili dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Ca’ Granda - ex Ospedale Maggiore

For the FuoriSalone 2012, INTERNI will produce, during Milan Design Week (16-22 April 2012), the major Exhibition-Event INTERNI LEGACY.
INTERNI LEGACY sets out to activate, in the world of design, project messages seen as memories for the future, expressed in installations whose only ‘temporary’ characteristic is the time span of their existence, linked to that of Design Week in Milan. The focus is on ‘inheritance’ in constructed form, stimuli for reflection on the state of design in the widest sense of the term, covering different scales and typologies, from micro-architecture to the urban landscape, interiors to furnishing objects.
LEGACY, then, means reflection on the possibilities for design to pass things on to the future, in terms of research, technologies, materials, figurative expression, but also from the viewpoint of the conscious gesture, connected to the culture of sustainability and reduction of waste, in the spaces of the home and those of the workplace, and in the urban space of the city.
INTERNI LEGACY gives concrete form, in a series of experimental installations made with the support of technologically advanced companies in the field of construction materials and environmental sustainability, to message-ideas capable of becoming signals of reference in the complex scenario of contemporary design and research on furnishings.
The INTERNI EVENT for 2012 on the theme of messages for the future approaches this perspective through installations created by a series of international designers that announce, also on a metaphorical and symbolic level, new possibilities, figures, typologies and solutions for the
design of tomorrow.
The installations, each independent and complete in its own right, will be inserted in the following spaces of the State University of Milan.
INTERNI LEGACY also operates to create a link between the two great Milanese works of architecture by Filarete (15th-century architect): the Ca’ Granda – State University and Castello Sforzesco.