Interni Mutant Architecture&Design 2011

A series of experimental installations, a spectacular composition,
a reflection on flexible and mutant architectural design
Milano Capitale del Design® 2011 (11-17 April 2011)
Cortili dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Ca’ Granda-ex Ospedale Maggiore

For the FuoriSalone 2011, INTERNI will produce, during Milan Design Week (11-17 April 2011),
Sustainability has become an operative must for design on all scales, covering not only renewable energy sources and processes of recycling and reutilization, but also many other considerations regarding the entire world around us: the home, the city, the landscape and the territory, including the planning connected with major events like the Olympic Games in London (2012) and the Milan Expo (2015), for which new approaches and methods are emerging, to avoid waste and to promote environmental compatibility, using the tools of architecture and urban design.

The project proposal that emerges from these thoughts is that of a mutant, architecture, easily reutilized and moved, to adapt to necessary strategies of use over time, in different places: intelligent structures, marked by great flexibility, easily dismantled and moved from one site to another, or conceived to be reutilized for different functions.
The INTERNI event on the theme of mutant architecture establishes a relationship with these values through experimental installations designed by a series of international architects, to explore – also on a metaphorical, symbolic level – new possibilities for mutant objects and architectures, to be reused in different contexts.
The nine large installations, each autonomous and complete in its own right, will be positioned in the following spaces of the University:

In addition to the installations, inside the large lawn of the Honor Courtyard a large, dramatic roof structure will be installed, using different materials, conceived as a sum of different constructive solutions (fabric, plastic, glass, paper, bamboo, etc.); this not only offers a preview and illustration of the theme of the great tents that will be seen along the large central boulevard of Expo Milano 2015, but also explores the theme of light, temporary architecture.
Under the roof structure, employed to create a temporary landscape and to establish a dialogue with the facades of the Honor Courtyard, DESIGN ISLANDS will be created by designers: true urban salons and meeting places, in a central location with respect to the exhibition itinerary, specially made for the event and set up by leading companies in the Italian and international design furnishings sector, using original prototypes and products from the latest collections.